August 22, 2011

Vision Boards are a window to your future.

To myself and anyone else out there...Apologies, for not writing on here for so long.
The moving whirlwind got me and has finally stopped.
I am 90% unpacked so therefore have brain space for other fun things like...

Creating a new vision board!

There is nothing like creating dreams/passions/desires in a visual form so you can day dream over it.

As I sit here at my desk with the rain pouring outside I have a day dream moment where I stare at my visions and imagine my life as I see it there on my vision board...I LOVE IT!

Don't get me wrong I am thankful for everything I have and tell myself that every day. But having a vision board helps the motivation and mojo to keep moving forward.
We all get caught up in every day stresses whether it be the kids, renovating, new jobs, old jobs, looking for work, having babies, starting something new, saying goodbye, they all take us away from OURSELVES.

Bringing these beautiful wonderful things to yourself just by introducing them to your daydreams and creating a vision board is the first step to creating your future
as you want it!
It’s easy create one today and email me a photo if you dare so I can post.

Even better share your vision with us...comment below.

There will be a workshop soon, email if you are interested.
Subject: Vision board workshop

Happy daydreaming...


Your comments are always welcomed, I would love to hear your thoughts/stories or dreams.

Create your visual future now!

August 08, 2011

New space.. new ideas...

As most of you know it has been a crazy time in my world taking me away from everything 'Kaleidoscope'. 
I am proud to say we are back on track!
I also have a new work space (that isn't quite unpacked yet) but is certainly getting the creative juices flowing.

Last blog post my mantra was - Things can only get better!
And YES things did get better, as you would know it takes a lot of work to be healthy, happy, organised, efficient and then times by 3 other people can be quite the challenge.  Another thing you would know is we can only do the best we can and one thing at a time.
As easy as it is to type, it definitely is not so easy to achieve.

I have found a few good books out there to help with getting things sorted in your world and also finding time for yourself and your desires.
(Please share them in the comment box if you have a favourite...)
One of my favourites is a local to my beloved Sunshine Coast  - 'You sexy mother' - Jodie Hedley-Ward.
Sometimes we see no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to doing things for ourselves.. well Jodie has dedicated her a whole series of books to helping mothers around the world ..
'Get back on track, turn around and transform an otherwise hectic crazy world to a simple beautiful life!'

Sounds delicious and it is...

In my world I have transformed a few things and created a few others.
Kaleidoscope NEWS... Kaleidoscope markets is now available to other events!
Taking our markets and play MOBILE!
First event - Cotton Tree Pool for the - 'Do the Five with Laurie Lawrence'
Friday August 26th 9am-1pm
HOT 91 will be broadcasting, FREE entry, BBQ, face painter, activities, Kaleido-play with workshops, story time with Angela Bueti Scratch and Patch, secure play area, Kaleido-stalls with boutique products and so much more
They will also have The Big swim for mum's and bubs that you must register to be a part of via

Very excited about this one... we love Laurie Lawrence.
Don't forget comment with your favourite book that has helped you get things for yourself, motivate you..or tell us about your Turn around...
Happy HUGS

July 27, 2011

The new Mantra this week...

I have been slack the past few weeks but I have a valid excuse...
IT GOT ME... the Flu that is
and it got my youngest and it got my husband...oh and what a flu
it has been.  To top it off we are moving house (but this is good)..
everything is getting a good clean and the new beginning
will help with getting the kids back on track and me do my filing.
Funny how bad habits form when everyone is sick and tired literally.

So what do we do when we have sick husband, sick kids, sick US
plus world keeps turning.
What do we do?
Solider on as the saying goes..
take the garlic and horseradish, inner health plus,
vitamin C and all the other good stuff that help our bodies
FIGHT and then we cross our fingers that we get through it. 
And you know you will but at the time it feels so hard.

During this time it has come to my attention how many people
are actually doing it tough right now and how talking and
sharing really helps us all.
To always remember there is always an understanding ear to your
situation and that sharing and believing that it does get better will
make all the difference.

I am on the UP now..
MANTRA this week - Things can only get better
(and I am singing that one...what is that song?)
Talk to someone, email someone or call someone
and share good or not so good share!
I hope you are all healthy and happy and till next time from my new house...
PS Thank you Style Marshall for helping with the cleaning...

July 14, 2011

Some call it the roller coaster of life....

Yep some people call it the roller coaster of life!
Is that on a good day or a bad day... mostly on a bad day I think-
as it is a way of telling ourselves that things will be better.
When you are on the fabulous upiteee up you think nothing else but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It has been an insightful month for me, I have indulged in many diiferent forms of education.. some for my carrer and others for myself and wellbeinging.
The one thing I have got from it all that seems common between all of them is;
It is good to have goals/dreams/passions! 
Then after you have found what these are, after some serious soul searching you then need to BE ~ Be the person that has these things...Belief and BE.

So once I had my dreams/goals/passions in hand I went home and I was on a high believing that I am this woman and these are the things I will achieve.. I open the door to see cough cough splatter a house full of sick boys. Husband, sons, even brother.
mmmm my first thought was RUN (the other way to a wine bar have a big glass of merlot) and hunny if you are reading this it was only a split second!
Instead I go in, close the door, take a deep breath, slip on mummy hat and move into action - will those dreams/goals/passions have to wait?
At first I thought yes I can't do both.
But you know what I can..if it starts with the being and believing then yes I can do that.  It won't be easy but if it was, then I wouldn't be writing this post.
So yes it is hard but yes it WILL be worth it!
First on the agenda is Happy/Fun (which I am usually but with 2 children and sleep deprivation you have to re ignite some things)
Next thursday if you are on the Sunshine Coast, Qld ~ I will be at Kaleido-play being absolutely Happy & FUN!!!! Please come and join us for a morning of Relax and play for parents and kids.

July 06, 2011

Pleasures in life..

Yep I'm talking about the things that make you go ahhhhh.. like a HOT cuppa tea and a good magazine/book, or a swim with no one hanging off you, some else doing your house work, dinner cooked and served without you thinking, booking a holiday... soooo many really!
I have a tone of them but today I want to touch on 1 and this may be controversial.

Yesterday I was at the park with the kids having a semi relaxing moment sitting there with the sun beaming on my back making me all warm and relaxed (yes one of those pleasures) but someone else was definitely not having a pleasurable moment.
There was another mother with a little boy around 2yrs screaming and carrying on, as I looked over for a moment I saw myself with my unruly 2yr old but then realised it was not me today it was someone else.
This is where the controversial part comes in...
I felt a moment a pleasure that it was her and not me. oohhhahhhhh

Don’t get me wrong I would never wish this situation on to anyone and nor did I take pleasure in watching her suffer and poor mum was definitely suffering –

it was more the pleasure that I am not alone.

In this crazy world of parenting you sometimes get so caught up in
how terrible your kids can be at times, or how they don’t eat, or how they can just whinge ALL day...

So a little reminder that everyone (well at least 89%) are having these not so pleasurable moments too can make you feel better.

It’s normal to have children test the boundaries, it’s normal that they want your attention all the time, it's normal that they just don't seem to be listening.

On the other side (US), it’s normal to lose it sometimes, it’s normal to not know what discipline to use this week, it’s normal to want to hide in the pantry till it’s quiet (ops my secret) and one of my life’s pleasures is just knowing that I am not alone is this whole new world of parenting! Sure there are books but living it is different and we can only do the best we can and love them!

To the mum yesterday having a rough time I just wanted to hug you and tell you it was me yesterday and today I am enjoying the sun while the kids play...

Life’s pleasures are sometimes the most simple things...

Tell us your’s.

July 01, 2011

If Life is like a box of Chocolates....

I'm not the kind of person that recites lines from movies - my husband has all kinds of movies that he and his brother or friends will sit there reciting back and forth... there are a few short and sweet ones that I do remember and I'm not really sure why they have stuck with me.

One is the famous Forest Gump -
'Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what your gonna get...'

Another would have to be Dirty Dancing -
'Nobody puts baby in a corner'

A Childhood favourite -
'There's no place like home!'

As I write here remembering I see that I do know a few and could go on.
Remembering these quotes takes me back to a memory of another time in my life.  I love those nostalgic moments that make you ponder. ahhh I'm doing it now.

A couple of days ago I wrote on the Kaleidoscope Events facebook page - 'If life is like a box of chocolates, which one would you be?' people insitantly began to respond - it was so much fun to see how people saw themselves through and chocolate flavour.. some wrote their favourite others pick one they thought best described them... Life IS like a box of Chocolates..and if you close your eyes you never know what will come!

As I plan August event I begin with a million ideas but then I have to wait and see what comes through and sometimes I never know what road it will take... I love that. Kaleidoscope the markets always seem to find it's own way all I need to do is guide it.
So now I will close my eyes and let it chose..
Feel free to post your favourite quote, I love when people share and I'm sure there will be many ahhaa moments when reading them.

June 27, 2011

Kaleidoscope June markets in Coolum

buzz buzz buzzzzzz 5.30am wake up.. shower, dress and on the road by 6am.
Have the tunes rocking in the car and totally feeling the vibe;
Onsite morning frost and chill brrrr hoping it warms up.. after unpacking,
lanterns up, decorations up, tables sorted..still looking a little plain UNTIL
all the amazing stall holders start to arrive...
I just love the way Kaleidoscope takes form slowly during set up...
8.45am wow looks great.
Outside there is a carnival feel with 2 side shows,
massive jumping castle, food and coffee, tables chairs,
live Jazz, chill is gone and sun is out...
Inside the stalls are looking so fabulous, tunes are playing,
people are arriving
KALEIDO-SPHERE everywhere!
Families sharing happy moments - best part of the day!!


June 18, 2011


1 more sleep till our fabulous coolum event.
What will be there:
2 sessions of yoga
Ausfunk dance show at 10am
Story time with a very special guest
Live music
Coffee Shed delicious coffee, milkshakes etc...
Going like Hot cakes
Design a cup cake
Warm and Fuzzy with pumpkin soup
Laughing clowns and balloon sideshows to win prizes
Caspers Jumping castle
Chelsea the face painter 
Small business' from around the coast showcasing : Eco cleanser, Hipcups,
Little star designs, i grow kids, Mini Life, Impressionable kids, Intimo, Learning Ladder, Miss Molly, Mummashaboo, Mystique Fashion, Paint Sticks, Settle Petal,
Shellbell photography, Shopping by Appointment, Sink or Swim School,
Storytime Books/Books Plus, Style Marshall, Eco Wheat organic wheat bags, Ugaboo, Sunshine's Fruit & Veg, Tiny Toes boutique, Grace & Jewel handmade,
Silver spoon creation, Little Bums, Honey buns, Pamper perfection,
Blooming soul sisters....
so much more...pop in and have a look.

June 16, 2011

For your FUN this SUNDAY

While rushing around last night; organising my 2 boys...
dinner, bath, book, bed - my 3yr old asked me
 if he could play trains..of course but only
for 10 minutes then bed...he began to get upset which
confused me at first but then after his explaination I totally got it.
He wanted ME to play trains with him for 10 minutes
not just let him play and me go off busy busy doing grown up stuff.
As soon as I sat with him and gave him that 10 minutes
(which was relaxing and fun...I then realised)
not only was his excitment and joy priceless but
 he happily packed them away when his 5 minutes
 were up apposed to the usual protest. 
This is why I love to create events that the
whole family can go help give you that TIME- 
fun with your child, grand child, niece/nephew.

June 02, 2011

The good ol' days..

Do you remember the days when you were packed into
the car (in the real ol' days a couple in the back
back of the station wagon) off to some exciting place
 .. was it a trash and treasure?Was it a circus?Was it a festival?
Even just a park that you had to drive to ???
Didn't matter what it was, what was so fabulous about IT
was that you had the grown ups to yourself! 
No other distraction like house cleaning,
phone calls the only thing between you and
them was FUN! And that's what was so great about it!
A special outing dedicated to you 'the little one'.

I am hoping to help the 'BIG people' create
these moments with their 'little ones'
at Kaleidoscope events...

For our Sunday June 19th Coolum Civic centre we have

Carnival side shows booked with prizes, Jumping castle,

activites, entertainment, giveaways and more...
an outing that will make it a fabulous family day!

What's even better is you will get a chance to have a

look around the boutique marketplace while the kids are amused!

FREE Entry 9am-1pm details on your right

May 30, 2011

Kaleidoscope Events: KALEIDO-KIDS

Kaleidoscope Events: KALEIDO-KIDS: "Kaleidoscope... for everyone to enjoy! It has certainly been a full week plus so many birthdays... we have had back to back birthday pa..."


Kaleidoscope... for everyone to enjoy!

It has certainly been a full week plus so many birthdays...
we have had back to back birthday parties...I'm always
amazed at the amount of energy the kids have.
The parents all standing around nibbling at the chips,
lollies and cake while the kids fleet in and out between play. 
It's always great to catch up with old friends plus meet
new people and 'chinwag'.
Chinwag is my word of the month actually - it was only by accident
since I was doing so much of it really.
You can't have enough 'chinwag' in your hugs and
 laughing they all go together.
I will feel a little lost this weekend with no birthday party..
someone is organising something I can feel it...

I'm hoping you all come along to
Kaleidoscope June 19th at Coolum civic centre for
 the chance to 'chinwag' while the kids use up all that energy.
Please chase me down at either my Info stall or in the Kaleido-kid room so we can
We have giveaways this month.. When you purchase something you will go in the draw and will be announced on here and facebook.

Hope to see you there - mark it on your calendar June 19th
till next time yap yap wag wag have a brilliant day!

May 26, 2011

Kaleidoscope presents

We are not pulling a rabbit out of a hat.. we are pulling out Kaleidoscope the Event/market in COOLUM.

Not just a market an experience.

Come along to the Cooum Civic Centre - June 19 
Fabulous marketplace, Kaleido-kid playroom, story time with HOT 91's Doc, activities, entertainment, yummy food and more.

May 18, 2011


It's all about play and Kaleido-play is it!
Just like the Kaleido-kid playroom at
the markets but only bigger.
We will have tea/coffee and nibbles provided
Plus story time, activites etc
Best of all it will be relaxed!
$5 entry for adults & kids free
A playdate/group like no other..
Iluka Ave, Buddina
    (next to the tennis courts)

May 16, 2011


If you didn't already know I am a mother of 2 boys a 3 1/2 yr old and an almost 2yr old.  Who would have thought that boys could be so so cuddly.  My weekend was full of them.  I am feeling so loved up - a happy mummy! Question is when will they stop? Will they?
You just can't get enough I did some research...Read below and then watch the video.. You won't resist but to go hug someone...

There's a whole new field now called psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI for short. It claims that when you feel good and you love yourself and you're being touched and you feel loved, your immune system gets stronger. Touching builds up the immune system (they now call this “libidinal refuelling”). When you hug somebody, you literally recharge your and the other person’s libido, the powerful energy of the body.
New studies point to touch therapy as a way to overcome medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis and depression. Studies indicate that touch has a beneficial effect on our perception of pain, treatment of disease, as well as emotional and physical development. After touch therapy, like massage, there's a slow-down in the action of the hypothalamic area of the brain, which controls the “fight or flight” response. Your body's stress hormones drop and endorphins climb, leading to a decreased perception of pain and a greater feeling of well-being. If the touch comes from someone you have positive feelings about, like a friend, partner or loved one, you get the added benefit of a heightened sense of love and security. 
Hugs can bring a great sense of connection and belonging into your life. They’re free and within reach. When you give, you also receive and all you need is 12 hugs a day for good emotional health.
For more happy hugging info go to website Family Matters:


May 12, 2011

Mother's Groups

Fabulous people I wanted to share...
Last night I caught up with my mother's group from when I had my 1st 3 years ago.
We had such a yummy time of chinwagging, laughing; it was as though there was no time in between visits.
However it had been a long time between visits with everyone having more babies, starting business', going back to work, it was quite the task to get us all together and I am so glad we did.
I have realised that it was this group of beautiful women that really kept me going especially those early days of WHAT THE?
Plus even now chatting last night - I feel so humble to have them in my life.
Make sure you grab yourself a group of people to chinwag with - it is so important to have those moments to off load and share good, bad & ugly.
To my gals THANKS and love you all xo


May 05, 2011

Change is GREAT!

As many of you will see Kaleidoscope Events is in the process of some exciting new changes.
1 is that our Kaleidoscope markets will now be on SUNDAYS so everyone can attend plus we will travel the Coast hoping that we can spread the Kaleido-FUN around. 
Dates: June 19th @ Coolum Civic Centre, August 21st & October 23rd @ Millwell community hall, Maroochydore and December will be a great big do... TBC
It will be a FREE event for all with all the regualr Kaleidoscope activites and more.  We will also be showcasing some fabulous business' in a child friendly environment.
Whenever I think of the markets I have this picture in my head, I just love it so much.
But wait there is more... I didn't want to desert my regualr Thursday Kaleido-crew whom made Kaleidoscope markets vibe every month! We have Kaleido-play and this is going to be FUN!
Just like a BIG play date - very relaxed, activities, demos, workshops... story time..
We will also have a Kaleido-Info time at 11am, more on that later...
It will be at Kawana Family Centre - Iluka Ave, Buddina
$5 entry adults KIDS FREE
Tea/coffee/nibbles provided and so much more.
Everyone is welcome dates: May 19th, July 21st, September 15th, November 17th
If numbers get too high I will add more dates and split groups...

Don't forget to check out our facebook page for updates, click below.


April 18, 2011

Kaleidoscope Events presents:

Kaleidoscope markets
now on Sundays

June 19th,  August 21st,  October 23rd

on Thursdays

May 19th,  July 21st,  September 15th, November 17th

March 15, 2011

Next Kaleidoscope April 14

Another fabulous month ahead with

Yoga to start the morning with Karma Yoga
Story time with HOT91's Todd & Doc (what will they wear?)
Puppet show with Kiddywinks Puppet theatre

  • FREE jumping castle with Casper Jumping Castles
Easter activities
Workshops and demos in the kaleido-kid playroom TBC
and more in the pipeline...

Thursday - April 14th - Lake Kawana Community Centre - 8.30am till 1pm - lots of fun for all -


A Toosh Coosh seat - is more than just a booster seat it's a support seat that provides the right amount of height & comfort for children 3-8yrs to sit comfortably so everyone can enjoy meal times. Check out the website

Boys will love these summer PJ's. Top features black t-shirt with white spot printed on front. Black & white striped shorts, with comfortable wide elastic waistband. Tucked neatly into a bag which can be used as a little toy bag or to pack PJ’s neatly away in each morning. 100% cotton will keep kids cool in summer.
We have 4 to give away. Valued at $39.95 each

February 28, 2011

It's SALE time at March 10 Kaleidoscope markets!

To grab your bargain don't forget Thursday
March 10th -8.30am-1pm-
at Lake Kawana Community Centre.

February 13, 2011

Great February Kaleidoscope!

Everyone loves to shop at KaleidoscopeRaffle draw with Maroochydore fire fighters
Raffle draw
Raffle tickets anyone?

MAGIC - Nickelby the magician
Story time with Todd (HOT 91) in the Kaleido-kid playroom

Thank you Todd the kids & mum's loved you!
Marketplace @ Kaleidoscope
Story time

February 09, 2011

Kaleidoscope Tomorrow!!

Kaleidoscope is...
'Spreading the love for Valentines day by Raising money for the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal'
Thursday 10th February at Lake Kawana Community Centre
Check out the Kaleido-news tab for info on raffles and other activites
The fabulous Chrissie Swan from the
hit morning show 'The Circle' on channel 10 (10am-12pm)
will be mentioning our efforts to rasing money
for fellow Queenslanders.
It is going to be big so come along and help your
fellow Queenslanders & have some fun!!

February 07, 2011

Check out the our Kaleido-news

So many fabulous prizes -
I am so jealous that I can't buy a ticket for the chance to win.
How will the raffle work?
As people are coming and going (some just staying :) )
I will be doing an hourly raffle draw
10am, 11am & 12pm
that way the winners will be present and take take home their amazing prize!
We even have the Maroochydore Fire fighters drawing the 11am raffle...

Remember on top of the amazing raffle (check out Kaleido-news tab)
we also have lots of other things to tickle your fancy...
Neck massages for $5 - ALL proceeds going to the flood appeal
Giveaways - present your entry stamp to collect
Marketplace of amazing stalls - check out the Kaleido-stall tab
Celebrity story time with HOT 91's Todd from the breaky show
Cooking demo and book signing with 4Ingredients Rachael Bermingham
Underwater world is also joining us so you can get your annual passes
Coast Chiropractic Kawana will do a demo
so so much more......

February 01, 2011

So much at our FEBUARY 10th Kaleidoscope...

It is so exciting February Kaleidoscope is a busy event this month.

With fabulous stalls showcasing amazing products and services for YOU!

Some of them are:
4Ingredients, Ambul8, BABS, Baby hands, BOQ, Born Goergeous, Brew Crew, C&R family daycare, Charlie Bloome, Claude's Food, Enjo, Friends of the birthing centre SC, Glasshouse Designs, Happy coconuts, Henry's house, Hipcups, Humble Bumble, iGrow kids, Impressionable Kids, Intimo, Learning Ladder, Little star design, Mummashaboo, New Leaf early learning centre, SC Multiple birth Association, Shellbell photography, Sink or Swim school, Small Print, Sniff this!, Stella books, Sunshine Tots, Sustainable supplies, Underwater world, Winston Press... and so many more to come

Also: A cooking demo, magic, kidfit workshop, jumping castle, amazing prizes - don't miss out!!

January 17, 2011

What's happening on February 10th?

Kaleidoscope is 'spreading the love' Raising money for the Qld flood relief!

All our regular monthly workshops, activities, marketplace & yummy food & coffee.

But wait there is more: Jumping castle, cooking demos, book signing, prizes and so much MORE... some of our stalls ....

We have 4 Ingredients Rachael Bermingham signing books and doing a cooking demo.