August 22, 2011

Vision Boards are a window to your future.

To myself and anyone else out there...Apologies, for not writing on here for so long.
The moving whirlwind got me and has finally stopped.
I am 90% unpacked so therefore have brain space for other fun things like...

Creating a new vision board!

There is nothing like creating dreams/passions/desires in a visual form so you can day dream over it.

As I sit here at my desk with the rain pouring outside I have a day dream moment where I stare at my visions and imagine my life as I see it there on my vision board...I LOVE IT!

Don't get me wrong I am thankful for everything I have and tell myself that every day. But having a vision board helps the motivation and mojo to keep moving forward.
We all get caught up in every day stresses whether it be the kids, renovating, new jobs, old jobs, looking for work, having babies, starting something new, saying goodbye, they all take us away from OURSELVES.

Bringing these beautiful wonderful things to yourself just by introducing them to your daydreams and creating a vision board is the first step to creating your future
as you want it!
It’s easy create one today and email me a photo if you dare so I can post.

Even better share your vision with us...comment below.

There will be a workshop soon, email if you are interested.
Subject: Vision board workshop

Happy daydreaming...


Your comments are always welcomed, I would love to hear your thoughts/stories or dreams.

Create your visual future now!

August 08, 2011

New space.. new ideas...

As most of you know it has been a crazy time in my world taking me away from everything 'Kaleidoscope'. 
I am proud to say we are back on track!
I also have a new work space (that isn't quite unpacked yet) but is certainly getting the creative juices flowing.

Last blog post my mantra was - Things can only get better!
And YES things did get better, as you would know it takes a lot of work to be healthy, happy, organised, efficient and then times by 3 other people can be quite the challenge.  Another thing you would know is we can only do the best we can and one thing at a time.
As easy as it is to type, it definitely is not so easy to achieve.

I have found a few good books out there to help with getting things sorted in your world and also finding time for yourself and your desires.
(Please share them in the comment box if you have a favourite...)
One of my favourites is a local to my beloved Sunshine Coast  - 'You sexy mother' - Jodie Hedley-Ward.
Sometimes we see no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to doing things for ourselves.. well Jodie has dedicated her a whole series of books to helping mothers around the world ..
'Get back on track, turn around and transform an otherwise hectic crazy world to a simple beautiful life!'

Sounds delicious and it is...

In my world I have transformed a few things and created a few others.
Kaleidoscope NEWS... Kaleidoscope markets is now available to other events!
Taking our markets and play MOBILE!
First event - Cotton Tree Pool for the - 'Do the Five with Laurie Lawrence'
Friday August 26th 9am-1pm
HOT 91 will be broadcasting, FREE entry, BBQ, face painter, activities, Kaleido-play with workshops, story time with Angela Bueti Scratch and Patch, secure play area, Kaleido-stalls with boutique products and so much more
They will also have The Big swim for mum's and bubs that you must register to be a part of via

Very excited about this one... we love Laurie Lawrence.
Don't forget comment with your favourite book that has helped you get things for yourself, motivate you..or tell us about your Turn around...
Happy HUGS