June 27, 2011

Kaleidoscope June markets in Coolum

buzz buzz buzzzzzz 5.30am wake up.. shower, dress and on the road by 6am.
Have the tunes rocking in the car and totally feeling the vibe;
Onsite morning frost and chill brrrr hoping it warms up.. after unpacking,
lanterns up, decorations up, tables sorted..still looking a little plain UNTIL
all the amazing stall holders start to arrive...
I just love the way Kaleidoscope takes form slowly during set up...
8.45am wow looks great.
Outside there is a carnival feel with 2 side shows,
massive jumping castle, food and coffee, tables chairs,
live Jazz, chill is gone and sun is out...
Inside the stalls are looking so fabulous, tunes are playing,
people are arriving
KALEIDO-SPHERE everywhere!
Families sharing happy moments - best part of the day!!


June 18, 2011


1 more sleep till our fabulous coolum event.
What will be there:
2 sessions of yoga
Ausfunk dance show at 10am
Story time with a very special guest
Live music
Coffee Shed delicious coffee, milkshakes etc...
Going like Hot cakes
Design a cup cake
Warm and Fuzzy with pumpkin soup
Laughing clowns and balloon sideshows to win prizes
Caspers Jumping castle
Chelsea the face painter 
Small business' from around the coast showcasing : Eco cleanser, Hipcups,
Little star designs, i grow kids, Mini Life, Impressionable kids, Intimo, Learning Ladder, Miss Molly, Mummashaboo, Mystique Fashion, Paint Sticks, Settle Petal,
Shellbell photography, Shopping by Appointment, Sink or Swim School,
Storytime Books/Books Plus, Style Marshall, Eco Wheat organic wheat bags, Ugaboo, Sunshine's Fruit & Veg, Tiny Toes boutique, Grace & Jewel handmade,
Silver spoon creation, Little Bums, Honey buns, Pamper perfection,
Blooming soul sisters....
so much more...pop in and have a look.

June 16, 2011

For your FUN this SUNDAY

While rushing around last night; organising my 2 boys...
dinner, bath, book, bed - my 3yr old asked me
 if he could play trains..of course but only
for 10 minutes then bed...he began to get upset which
confused me at first but then after his explaination I totally got it.
He wanted ME to play trains with him for 10 minutes
not just let him play and me go off busy busy doing grown up stuff.
As soon as I sat with him and gave him that 10 minutes
(which was relaxing and fun...I then realised)
not only was his excitment and joy priceless but
 he happily packed them away when his 5 minutes
 were up apposed to the usual protest. 
This is why I love to create events that the
whole family can go to..to help give you that TIME- 
fun with your child, grand child, niece/nephew.

June 02, 2011

The good ol' days..

Do you remember the days when you were packed into
the car (in the real ol' days a couple in the back
back of the station wagon) off to some exciting place
 .. was it a trash and treasure?Was it a circus?Was it a festival?
Even just a park that you had to drive to ???
Didn't matter what it was, what was so fabulous about IT
was that you had the grown ups to yourself! 
No other distraction like house cleaning,
phone calls the only thing between you and
them was FUN! And that's what was so great about it!
A special outing dedicated to you 'the little one'.

I am hoping to help the 'BIG people' create
these moments with their 'little ones'
at Kaleidoscope events...

For our Sunday June 19th Coolum Civic centre we have

Carnival side shows booked with prizes, Jumping castle,

activites, entertainment, giveaways and more...
an outing that will make it a fabulous family day!

What's even better is you will get a chance to have a

look around the boutique marketplace while the kids are amused!

FREE Entry 9am-1pm details on your right