Vision Boards

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A vision board is usually a poster board or book on which you paste / collage images that you’ve torn out from various magazines etc.When you surround yourself with images – THE BIG PICTURE as we like to put it; your life changes to match those images and those desires. You are sending a message to yourself that these things ARE possible! Imagine being surrounded by like minded people with a glass of wine or delicious coffee, great music and atmosphere and setting 1 task for yourself… Imagine YOUR big picture – what are the things you really desire – whether you know exactly what you want or if you are opening yourself to all possibilities a Vision Board workshop is definitely something that will be one of the most positive things you do for yourself in 2011!

Vision Board testimonials:

A vision board gives me something to focus on when my life seems "cluttered and out of control" it gives me a clear picture and direction of what and where I am heading in life... it brings me back into line when all of the outside influences of life get in the way.