June 16, 2011

For your FUN this SUNDAY

While rushing around last night; organising my 2 boys...
dinner, bath, book, bed - my 3yr old asked me
 if he could play trains..of course but only
for 10 minutes then bed...he began to get upset which
confused me at first but then after his explaination I totally got it.
He wanted ME to play trains with him for 10 minutes
not just let him play and me go off busy busy doing grown up stuff.
As soon as I sat with him and gave him that 10 minutes
(which was relaxing and fun...I then realised)
not only was his excitment and joy priceless but
 he happily packed them away when his 5 minutes
 were up apposed to the usual protest. 
This is why I love to create events that the
whole family can go to..to help give you that TIME- 
fun with your child, grand child, niece/nephew.


Little Ripple Designs said...

Will pass the word around my local Coolum friends :)

Kaleidoscope said...

Thanks..See you there :)