July 27, 2011

The new Mantra this week...

I have been slack the past few weeks but I have a valid excuse...
IT GOT ME... the Flu that is
and it got my youngest and it got my husband...oh and what a flu
it has been.  To top it off we are moving house (but this is good)..
everything is getting a good clean and the new beginning
will help with getting the kids back on track and me do my filing.
Funny how bad habits form when everyone is sick and tired literally.

So what do we do when we have sick husband, sick kids, sick US
plus work..life...bills..the world keeps turning.
What do we do?
Solider on as the saying goes..
take the garlic and horseradish, inner health plus,
vitamin C and all the other good stuff that help our bodies
FIGHT and then we cross our fingers that we get through it. 
And you know you will but at the time it feels so hard.

During this time it has come to my attention how many people
are actually doing it tough right now and how talking and
sharing really helps us all.
To always remember there is always an understanding ear to your
situation and that sharing and believing that it does get better will
make all the difference.

I am on the UP now..
MANTRA this week - Things can only get better
(and I am singing that one...what is that song?)
Talk to someone, email someone or call someone
and share good or not so good share!
I hope you are all healthy and happy and till next time from my new house...
PS Thank you Style Marshall for helping with the cleaning...

July 14, 2011

Some call it the roller coaster of life....

Yep some people call it the roller coaster of life!
Is that on a good day or a bad day... mostly on a bad day I think-
as it is a way of telling ourselves that things will be better.
When you are on the fabulous upiteee up you think nothing else but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It has been an insightful month for me, I have indulged in many diiferent forms of education.. some for my carrer and others for myself and wellbeinging.
The one thing I have got from it all that seems common between all of them is;
It is good to have goals/dreams/passions! 
Then after you have found what these are, after some serious soul searching you then need to BE ~ Be the person that has these things...Belief and BE.

So once I had my dreams/goals/passions in hand I went home and I was on a high believing that I am this woman and these are the things I will achieve.. I open the door to see cough cough splatter a house full of sick boys. Husband, sons, even brother.
mmmm my first thought was RUN (the other way to a wine bar have a big glass of merlot) and hunny if you are reading this it was only a split second!
Instead I go in, close the door, take a deep breath, slip on mummy hat and move into action - will those dreams/goals/passions have to wait?
At first I thought yes I can't do both.
But you know what I can..if it starts with the being and believing then yes I can do that.  It won't be easy but if it was, then I wouldn't be writing this post.
So yes it is hard but yes it WILL be worth it!
First on the agenda is Happy/Fun (which I am usually but with 2 children and sleep deprivation you have to re ignite some things)
Next thursday if you are on the Sunshine Coast, Qld ~ I will be at Kaleido-play being absolutely Happy & FUN!!!! Please come and join us for a morning of Relax and play for parents and kids.

July 06, 2011

Pleasures in life..

Yep I'm talking about the things that make you go ahhhhh.. like a HOT cuppa tea and a good magazine/book, or a swim with no one hanging off you, some else doing your house work, dinner cooked and served without you thinking, booking a holiday... soooo many really!
I have a tone of them but today I want to touch on 1 and this may be controversial.

Yesterday I was at the park with the kids having a semi relaxing moment sitting there with the sun beaming on my back making me all warm and relaxed (yes one of those pleasures) but someone else was definitely not having a pleasurable moment.
There was another mother with a little boy around 2yrs screaming and carrying on, as I looked over for a moment I saw myself with my unruly 2yr old but then realised it was not me today it was someone else.
This is where the controversial part comes in...
I felt a moment a pleasure that it was her and not me. oohhhahhhhh

Don’t get me wrong I would never wish this situation on to anyone and nor did I take pleasure in watching her suffer and poor mum was definitely suffering –

it was more the pleasure that I am not alone.

In this crazy world of parenting you sometimes get so caught up in
how terrible your kids can be at times, or how they don’t eat, or how they can just whinge ALL day...

So a little reminder that everyone (well at least 89%) are having these not so pleasurable moments too can make you feel better.

It’s normal to have children test the boundaries, it’s normal that they want your attention all the time, it's normal that they just don't seem to be listening.

On the other side (US), it’s normal to lose it sometimes, it’s normal to not know what discipline to use this week, it’s normal to want to hide in the pantry till it’s quiet (ops my secret) and one of my life’s pleasures is just knowing that I am not alone is this whole new world of parenting! Sure there are books but living it is different and we can only do the best we can and love them!

To the mum yesterday having a rough time I just wanted to hug you and tell you it was me yesterday and today I am enjoying the sun while the kids play...

Life’s pleasures are sometimes the most simple things...

Tell us your’s.

July 01, 2011

If Life is like a box of Chocolates....

I'm not the kind of person that recites lines from movies - my husband has all kinds of movies that he and his brother or friends will sit there reciting back and forth... there are a few short and sweet ones that I do remember and I'm not really sure why they have stuck with me.

One is the famous Forest Gump -
'Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what your gonna get...'

Another would have to be Dirty Dancing -
'Nobody puts baby in a corner'

A Childhood favourite -
'There's no place like home!'

As I write here remembering I see that I do know a few and could go on.
Remembering these quotes takes me back to a memory of another time in my life.  I love those nostalgic moments that make you ponder. ahhh I'm doing it now.

A couple of days ago I wrote on the Kaleidoscope Events facebook page - 'If life is like a box of chocolates, which one would you be?' people insitantly began to respond - it was so much fun to see how people saw themselves through and chocolate flavour.. some wrote their favourite others pick one they thought best described them... Life IS like a box of Chocolates..and if you close your eyes you never know what will come!

As I plan August event I begin with a million ideas but then I have to wait and see what comes through and sometimes I never know what road it will take... I love that. Kaleidoscope the markets always seem to find it's own way all I need to do is guide it.
So now I will close my eyes and let it chose..
Feel free to post your favourite quote, I love when people share and I'm sure there will be many ahhaa moments when reading them.