July 14, 2011

Some call it the roller coaster of life....

Yep some people call it the roller coaster of life!
Is that on a good day or a bad day... mostly on a bad day I think-
as it is a way of telling ourselves that things will be better.
When you are on the fabulous upiteee up you think nothing else but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It has been an insightful month for me, I have indulged in many diiferent forms of education.. some for my carrer and others for myself and wellbeinging.
The one thing I have got from it all that seems common between all of them is;
It is good to have goals/dreams/passions! 
Then after you have found what these are, after some serious soul searching you then need to BE ~ Be the person that has these things...Belief and BE.

So once I had my dreams/goals/passions in hand I went home and I was on a high believing that I am this woman and these are the things I will achieve.. I open the door to see cough cough splatter a house full of sick boys. Husband, sons, even brother.
mmmm my first thought was RUN (the other way to a wine bar have a big glass of merlot) and hunny if you are reading this it was only a split second!
Instead I go in, close the door, take a deep breath, slip on mummy hat and move into action - will those dreams/goals/passions have to wait?
At first I thought yes I can't do both.
But you know what I can..if it starts with the being and believing then yes I can do that.  It won't be easy but if it was, then I wouldn't be writing this post.
So yes it is hard but yes it WILL be worth it!
First on the agenda is Happy/Fun (which I am usually but with 2 children and sleep deprivation you have to re ignite some things)
Next thursday if you are on the Sunshine Coast, Qld ~ I will be at Kaleido-play being absolutely Happy & FUN!!!! Please come and join us for a morning of Relax and play for parents and kids.

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Miss Molly's said...

Thanks Fi!! Once again super duperly made me laugh...love your comment for Hubby:) I have posted it too my blog too, not sure anybody reads it but...I wanted to have it for me!!

Great Read...NEW board coming!! Passions - Dreams - Goals - commision for you. Mel xxx