October 30, 2010

Kaleidoscope Markets - 4 days to GO!

We had a great morning with some 'kaleido-kids' - helping out with some paintings for the Kaleido-kid playroom. Nothing like paint and a hand full of kids... it was messy but lots of fun! Thanks kids!

October 26, 2010

Count down 9 days till November 4 Kaleidoscope launch

9 days.. Are you ready? Pack enough wipes, nappies, spare undies and anything else you should bring to keep the kids happy so you can have a shop, coffee and grab a bite.
Of course there are plenty of activities for the kids, check out the Kaleido-kid link for time timetable.

October 24, 2010

Legs 11...

11 more sleeps iieeekkk yippie yip yip
I have changed my layout design so if you are interested in having a stall there are 2 more that I can manage email: markets@kaleidoscopeevents.com.au but be quick.

The vibe is growing every day, every time I meet someone now they have heard about it. The word of mouth on the Coast is a wonderful thing - Love you Sunshine CoastERS.
I am now dreaming about it all the time - what everything will look like, people walking around, all the kids, the yummy food and real coffee and not to forget my arms full of too many purchases.
Don't forget the friendly competition between the stalls for best stall- voted by the people.

I can not express my excitement over the world wide web..hold on will this do: iiiiieeeekkkkkdadadahahahayeahyeahyeah whhhoooooooowoooo

Count down.....

October 21, 2010

14 more sleeps...

The ad is on 'HOt 91', the ad is in 'Kids on the Coast' Magazine, Mysunshinecoast.com.au is listing Kaleidoscope, signage is on the way, decorations are in the making, music is being chosen, flyers are being handed out, stalls are full for November and I just can't wait!

It will be a fabulous moment to open the gates to the 1st of many 'Kaleidoscope markets'. Please tell all your friends about it as I wouldn't want someone to miss out on the very special launch. Of course we are monthly and hope for Kaleidoscope to be a date you all mark on your calendars as a NOT TO BE MISSED event!

Just can't wait to see all the Kaleido-stalls and their stunning products, question is will I set a budget on what I can spend on the day.
Don't forget the yummy food; 'Claude's Food' is a gourmet food stall at reasonable prices, she is a chef that cooks with inspirations of the world mmm yum yum. She has gluten free, vegetarian and low carb options as well.
On the sweet side of things we have 'Going like Hotcakes' and indeed they will. Pancakes with a thai style in yummy falvours banana, strawberry mmmm sooo much more...
Did I hear someone say coffee? Yes Darren from Brew crew is coming and he will be armed for all those that Need their daily hit of caffine...it's real coffee and it tastes great!

14more sleeps counting down.....

October 17, 2010

17days to go..... Kaleido-EXCITEMENT

We have 40+ stalls of absolutely gorgeous products for Women, Children & Babies plus services and Information that all will find interesting.

All our Kaleidostalls are pumped and excited for the launch in 17 days.. Busy planning and getting creative with their stall layouts and design to be in the running for our Kaleido-stall competition. YOU the guests at Kaleidoscope will vote for your favourite stall.

Kaleido-kids get ready for a jam packed morning of activities, click on link to see time table.

Kaleido-News: Our Ad for HOT 91 is being made and will go to air this week.. keep an ear out.

Count down is on... for the November 4 Kaleidoscope LAUNCH!

October 13, 2010

3 weeks to go...

To all who are just as excited about Kaleidoscope as I am... ieeekk 3weeks to go!!
Everything is moving in the right directions and flowing just as Kaleidoscope was meant to be.

I have wonderful, beautiful stalls who will be getting creative with their stall design/layout - YOU the public will vote for your favourite stall.

The Kaleido-Kid playroom is going to be a hoot - Story time with Sunshine Coast Libraries, Little Musos & Kidfit workshops, plus facepainting and Fun & Funky Sandart... the kids wont know where to start!

The flyers and posters are all over and have been recieved by Sunshine CoastERS with open arms. I can't tell you how wonderful the support has been, thank you everyone!

Radio ad will be recorded tomorrow and we also have an ad in Kids on the Coast!

Count down will start in a couple of weeks, so get ready!
NOVEMBER 4TH at Lake Kawana Community Centre - 8.30am-1pm