May 30, 2011

Kaleidoscope Events: KALEIDO-KIDS

Kaleidoscope Events: KALEIDO-KIDS: "Kaleidoscope... for everyone to enjoy! It has certainly been a full week plus so many birthdays... we have had back to back birthday pa..."


Kaleidoscope... for everyone to enjoy!

It has certainly been a full week plus so many birthdays...
we have had back to back birthday parties...I'm always
amazed at the amount of energy the kids have.
The parents all standing around nibbling at the chips,
lollies and cake while the kids fleet in and out between play. 
It's always great to catch up with old friends plus meet
new people and 'chinwag'.
Chinwag is my word of the month actually - it was only by accident
since I was doing so much of it really.
You can't have enough 'chinwag' in your hugs and
 laughing they all go together.
I will feel a little lost this weekend with no birthday party..
someone is organising something I can feel it...

I'm hoping you all come along to
Kaleidoscope June 19th at Coolum civic centre for
 the chance to 'chinwag' while the kids use up all that energy.
Please chase me down at either my Info stall or in the Kaleido-kid room so we can
We have giveaways this month.. When you purchase something you will go in the draw and will be announced on here and facebook.

Hope to see you there - mark it on your calendar June 19th
till next time yap yap wag wag have a brilliant day!

May 26, 2011

Kaleidoscope presents

We are not pulling a rabbit out of a hat.. we are pulling out Kaleidoscope the Event/market in COOLUM.

Not just a market an experience.

Come along to the Cooum Civic Centre - June 19 
Fabulous marketplace, Kaleido-kid playroom, story time with HOT 91's Doc, activities, entertainment, yummy food and more.

May 18, 2011


It's all about play and Kaleido-play is it!
Just like the Kaleido-kid playroom at
the markets but only bigger.
We will have tea/coffee and nibbles provided
Plus story time, activites etc
Best of all it will be relaxed!
$5 entry for adults & kids free
A playdate/group like no other..
Iluka Ave, Buddina
    (next to the tennis courts)

May 16, 2011


If you didn't already know I am a mother of 2 boys a 3 1/2 yr old and an almost 2yr old.  Who would have thought that boys could be so so cuddly.  My weekend was full of them.  I am feeling so loved up - a happy mummy! Question is when will they stop? Will they?
You just can't get enough I did some research...Read below and then watch the video.. You won't resist but to go hug someone...

There's a whole new field now called psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI for short. It claims that when you feel good and you love yourself and you're being touched and you feel loved, your immune system gets stronger. Touching builds up the immune system (they now call this “libidinal refuelling”). When you hug somebody, you literally recharge your and the other person’s libido, the powerful energy of the body.
New studies point to touch therapy as a way to overcome medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis and depression. Studies indicate that touch has a beneficial effect on our perception of pain, treatment of disease, as well as emotional and physical development. After touch therapy, like massage, there's a slow-down in the action of the hypothalamic area of the brain, which controls the “fight or flight” response. Your body's stress hormones drop and endorphins climb, leading to a decreased perception of pain and a greater feeling of well-being. If the touch comes from someone you have positive feelings about, like a friend, partner or loved one, you get the added benefit of a heightened sense of love and security. 
Hugs can bring a great sense of connection and belonging into your life. They’re free and within reach. When you give, you also receive and all you need is 12 hugs a day for good emotional health.
For more happy hugging info go to website Family Matters:


May 12, 2011

Mother's Groups

Fabulous people I wanted to share...
Last night I caught up with my mother's group from when I had my 1st 3 years ago.
We had such a yummy time of chinwagging, laughing; it was as though there was no time in between visits.
However it had been a long time between visits with everyone having more babies, starting business', going back to work, it was quite the task to get us all together and I am so glad we did.
I have realised that it was this group of beautiful women that really kept me going especially those early days of WHAT THE?
Plus even now chatting last night - I feel so humble to have them in my life.
Make sure you grab yourself a group of people to chinwag with - it is so important to have those moments to off load and share good, bad & ugly.
To my gals THANKS and love you all xo


May 05, 2011

Change is GREAT!

As many of you will see Kaleidoscope Events is in the process of some exciting new changes.
1 is that our Kaleidoscope markets will now be on SUNDAYS so everyone can attend plus we will travel the Coast hoping that we can spread the Kaleido-FUN around. 
Dates: June 19th @ Coolum Civic Centre, August 21st & October 23rd @ Millwell community hall, Maroochydore and December will be a great big do... TBC
It will be a FREE event for all with all the regualr Kaleidoscope activites and more.  We will also be showcasing some fabulous business' in a child friendly environment.
Whenever I think of the markets I have this picture in my head, I just love it so much.
But wait there is more... I didn't want to desert my regualr Thursday Kaleido-crew whom made Kaleidoscope markets vibe every month! We have Kaleido-play and this is going to be FUN!
Just like a BIG play date - very relaxed, activities, demos, workshops... story time..
We will also have a Kaleido-Info time at 11am, more on that later...
It will be at Kawana Family Centre - Iluka Ave, Buddina
$5 entry adults KIDS FREE
Tea/coffee/nibbles provided and so much more.
Everyone is welcome dates: May 19th, July 21st, September 15th, November 17th
If numbers get too high I will add more dates and split groups...

Don't forget to check out our facebook page for updates, click below.