May 12, 2011

Mother's Groups

Fabulous people I wanted to share...
Last night I caught up with my mother's group from when I had my 1st 3 years ago.
We had such a yummy time of chinwagging, laughing; it was as though there was no time in between visits.
However it had been a long time between visits with everyone having more babies, starting business', going back to work, it was quite the task to get us all together and I am so glad we did.
I have realised that it was this group of beautiful women that really kept me going especially those early days of WHAT THE?
Plus even now chatting last night - I feel so humble to have them in my life.
Make sure you grab yourself a group of people to chinwag with - it is so important to have those moments to off load and share good, bad & ugly.
To my gals THANKS and love you all xo