May 15, 2012


We would love to see you at this months Kaleido-play on the Sunshine Coast.
The last Monday of every month
9am - 11am

January 17, 2012

Where did 2011 go?

Dear friends 
Opps I blinked and 2011, GONE!
Hoping you all had a fabulous silly season and have come out the other end refreshed and not in the need of a holiday (after the holiday).

So a bit of house keeping: 
Kaleidoscope Events will be starting Kaleido-play in February at a new venue.  
All will be revealed this week.

This year we are really wanting to connect with our friends and 
spread our passion of 'CONNECTING the Community'.  
Our promise was to 'always evolve and ever change' and we will be by 
blogging, face booking and creating fabulous events for you and your family to attend.

Big or small it will all be about Connecting people not only through events 
but via the Web.

2012 is Kaleidoscopes year of Communication.. with you!

Come along for the ride, we are excited to hear Everything you have to say and want to share.

Hugs as always xx