July 06, 2011

Pleasures in life..

Yep I'm talking about the things that make you go ahhhhh.. like a HOT cuppa tea and a good magazine/book, or a swim with no one hanging off you, some else doing your house work, dinner cooked and served without you thinking, booking a holiday... soooo many really!
I have a tone of them but today I want to touch on 1 and this may be controversial.

Yesterday I was at the park with the kids having a semi relaxing moment sitting there with the sun beaming on my back making me all warm and relaxed (yes one of those pleasures) but someone else was definitely not having a pleasurable moment.
There was another mother with a little boy around 2yrs screaming and carrying on, as I looked over for a moment I saw myself with my unruly 2yr old but then realised it was not me today it was someone else.
This is where the controversial part comes in...
I felt a moment a pleasure that it was her and not me. oohhhahhhhh

Don’t get me wrong I would never wish this situation on to anyone and nor did I take pleasure in watching her suffer and poor mum was definitely suffering –

it was more the pleasure that I am not alone.

In this crazy world of parenting you sometimes get so caught up in
how terrible your kids can be at times, or how they don’t eat, or how they can just whinge ALL day...

So a little reminder that everyone (well at least 89%) are having these not so pleasurable moments too can make you feel better.

It’s normal to have children test the boundaries, it’s normal that they want your attention all the time, it's normal that they just don't seem to be listening.

On the other side (US), it’s normal to lose it sometimes, it’s normal to not know what discipline to use this week, it’s normal to want to hide in the pantry till it’s quiet (ops my secret) and one of my life’s pleasures is just knowing that I am not alone is this whole new world of parenting! Sure there are books but living it is different and we can only do the best we can and love them!

To the mum yesterday having a rough time I just wanted to hug you and tell you it was me yesterday and today I am enjoying the sun while the kids play...

Life’s pleasures are sometimes the most simple things...

Tell us your’s.


Dee26 said...

Thank you. I felt a gasp of relief escape me after reading that. I am "normal". It does happen. It's not just me. I'm glad u enjoyed ur "moment". More will follow. Thank you for being so raw and open. X

jenny said...

What a lovely story,im sure a lot of mums feel the same way, at the end of the day you just take a deep breath and think, when one of the kids come up out of no where and give you a kiss and a cuddle,that is truly one of lifes pleasures.

cassy said...

So funny, so true! Loved it!!