July 27, 2011

The new Mantra this week...

I have been slack the past few weeks but I have a valid excuse...
IT GOT ME... the Flu that is
and it got my youngest and it got my husband...oh and what a flu
it has been.  To top it off we are moving house (but this is good)..
everything is getting a good clean and the new beginning
will help with getting the kids back on track and me do my filing.
Funny how bad habits form when everyone is sick and tired literally.

So what do we do when we have sick husband, sick kids, sick US
plus work..life...bills..the world keeps turning.
What do we do?
Solider on as the saying goes..
take the garlic and horseradish, inner health plus,
vitamin C and all the other good stuff that help our bodies
FIGHT and then we cross our fingers that we get through it. 
And you know you will but at the time it feels so hard.

During this time it has come to my attention how many people
are actually doing it tough right now and how talking and
sharing really helps us all.
To always remember there is always an understanding ear to your
situation and that sharing and believing that it does get better will
make all the difference.

I am on the UP now..
MANTRA this week - Things can only get better
(and I am singing that one...what is that song?)
Talk to someone, email someone or call someone
and share good or not so good share!
I hope you are all healthy and happy and till next time from my new house...
PS Thank you Style Marshall for helping with the cleaning...


contact said...

You're amazing Fiona - and so inspiring! Things WILL get better, because you will do everything you can to ensure they will :)

Oh, and I'm singing Uncle Barry's song :) It always makes me smile!

Kaleidoscope said...

Oh Uncle Barry's song is sure to inspire. Thanks for the compliment..you are pretty amazing juggling 2kids,small business from home and a modelling career! X thanks for sharing.

Bec said...

I very much understand and agree with all your comments! I too have had a sick family and a sick me and it's HARD WORK! Negativity creeps in and it sometimes seems like it will go on forever. As for me, with so many things going on, I feel so much better now that even before I got sick. Perhaps my sickness was telling me to slow down and stop thinking so much - and that's exactly what I was forced to do. After three days in bed and a few days off work I feel like I have now come out 'the other side.' Things seems so much rosier, easier, and sunnier! My positivity is back, and everything is great again. Even though it was horrible being so sick, I now think it's what I needed - time to stop, rest, and now rejuvinate. The human body is an amazing machine! So my mantra is when you get sick, if you can (and I know it's almost impossible when you have small children - I am so lucky have a wonderful husband who took over), try and rest as much as you can, because it could be your body telling you to look after yourself a little more! xx

Kaleidoscope said...

Yes Bec I agree..look after ourselves! The world keeps turning so slow down. Thank you for sharing xx