October 24, 2010

Legs 11...

11 more sleeps iieeekkk yippie yip yip
I have changed my layout design so if you are interested in having a stall there are 2 more that I can manage email: markets@kaleidoscopeevents.com.au but be quick.

The vibe is growing every day, every time I meet someone now they have heard about it. The word of mouth on the Coast is a wonderful thing - Love you Sunshine CoastERS.
I am now dreaming about it all the time - what everything will look like, people walking around, all the kids, the yummy food and real coffee and not to forget my arms full of too many purchases.
Don't forget the friendly competition between the stalls for best stall- voted by the people.

I can not express my excitement over the world wide web..hold on will this do: iiiiieeeekkkkkdadadahahahayeahyeahyeah whhhoooooooowoooo

Count down.....